Tourists Flock to Seattle, Celebrate Labor Day Weekend in the Pacific Northwest

As we celebrate what many consider the last weekend of summer, the Labor Day Holiday, we often find ourselves traveling before the children are back in school and fall kicks in, but did you know that many travelers are heading to the Pacific Northwest? Tom Yazwinski from Q13 Fox reports that Seattle has become a top destination for Labor Day weekend, saying that “based on hotel bookings, Seattle ranks on the top of the list of Labor Day destinations.” The result? Yazwinksi says hotel prices have skyrocketed, putting the average room “at over $300 per night.”

The Seattle Waterfront

The Seattle Waterfront

So what exactly are all these tourists (and Seattleites) doing to celebrate the holiday in our city? Well Curbed Seattle has some great insights about what activities may be calling people to the Emerald City, from Bumbershoot and the Penny Arcade Expo, to tours of Fremont and the Blues for Food Fest. As a city that is that has proven its Just About the Coolest in the U.S., this influx of travelers and a new report from Property Shark means our status isn’t going anywhere but up. In fact, Seattle recently nabbed the number one spot on the Top 20 U.S. Cities for Culture as Property Shark says, “the fastest-growing major city in the U.S. [Seattle] is known for its lively blend of cultural activities, powered by its tradition of municipal support for the arts and its status as a national education hotspot.”

Here’s to Seattle and a wonderful finish to Labor Day Weekend!

Weekend Event Guide: The Labor Day Holiday

Labor Day weekend is upon as and although today the city has given us gloom and rain, it’s no reason to let this spectacular holiday weekend go by without some fun! There are plenty of happenings all around Seattle and the Eastside to choose from and here are a few we’re looking forward to:

It’s Bumbershoot at Seattle Center which means you’ll encounter spectacular music, visual arts, theater, comedy, and other events all weekend.

It’s also the final weekend of the Evergreen State Fair, which closes its doors on Monday with discounted admission for all. If you haven’t made it up to Monroe yet, now’s the time!

Finally, Monday marks the NFL Kickoff Run, where you can run a 5K with other 12′s and experience plenty of activities for every Seahawks fan.

Here’s to an excellent Labor Day Weekend!